Vitek Proplast Survivor Group

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vitek group cover

Vitek Proplast Survivors are invited to join other survivors in a private Facebook Group.  Only survivors and your family and friends are welcome to this group, send request to join for entrance to the group  Keeping it private so that it gives us some sense of privacy.



3 thoughts on “Vitek Proplast Survivor Group

  1. If we are to be a private group , that excludes Facebook. While I want and need to participate in this group, as I, too, am a Vitek survivor, I am a private person. I only wish to communicate with other survivors or their families.

    Please let me know how this can be made possible. Thank you. I have been following Barefoot Baroness for many years.

    Thank you. And I thanks for creating this group.

  2. Dear Toni. I’m pretty sure i joined the group. But not positive. Can you tell me? And how are you? My jaw pain is getting so much worse, it’s moved to additional locations. And I have no Place to go for treatment that i can possibly travel to. I am at a loss for answers as to how to mitigate this pain. Thanks for any help you can lend. You are such an irreplaceable blessing to us all. ~ Jan

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