Vitek Proplast Implant Group

Previously posted on Facebook  August 3, 2016


vitek group cover

Sharing something very personal about myself regarding health issues on FB isn’t typically my shtick Some of you know my history with failed medical implants (later recalled by the FDA) that destroyed my jaw joints and my immune system.
I was implanted in both my jaws this month back in 1986.
Since 1990 when the FDA recalled the Vitek Proplast because the Teflon & Silastic coated implants fragmented I have been on a mission to find others like me.
In 2010 I created a blog called Full Circled Me to try to foster a community of survivors. I have had some success but keeping up with one another has been hit and miss.
Recently another survivor (I refuse to see ourselves as victims albeit we certainly are) found me through her search on FB. We chatted, we spoke on the phone, and she helped inspire me to once again search for others.
It’s a strange long story that the medical community wants to hide under a rug, but WE are not going away and WE will tell our stories.

I have created a closed FB group for survivors and I’d greatly appreciate it if you would support my mission by sharing my story. I will leave a link in the comment section below if you are more curious about my own experience. Please know that mine is not a sole experience. There are thousands living like I am- I want to find them and you can help by sharing.
Thank you so much for taking the time.

If you are an implant survivor please private message me.


2 thoughts on “Vitek Proplast Implant Group

  1. Hi my name is Sherri Hart Schmidt I also had a original Vitek Prop last Teflon disk, implanted in temporal mandibular joint muscle. As a direct result I was tested and have tests proving my facts about chemical Aids. I have really been going through hell and need to join a supportive group. To hopefully encourage on another. Does anyone have any facts on the Doctor that invented the device? I also heard that their was a Doctor and Nurse that had to escape into witness protection program.

    Sherri Hart Schmidt

  2. Hello Sherri,
    I do hope you find this message from me. Your story is a perfect mirror of mine and every other survivor I have crossed paths with. I have been trying for years to form a group that will last. With that in mind I was recently asked by another survivor to consider beginning another online support group and so we have one in the growing stages on Facebook.
    Please join us there. My name is Toni Taylor-Helser and I am one of the administrators of the group.

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