Medical Implant (Vitek Proplast) Biograpghy

Vitek a company which in then in the 1980s changed my life and turned it upside down on my head.

Image below is the implant

Vitek Proplast intro-positional TMJ (jaw) Implant

  • Closing in 30 years of living with the results of failed medical (IPI ) Vitek Proplast implants  (Jaw joint Implants)  I have spent the better part of the last 15 years looking for other victims. Victims who like myself are still surviving the toxicity of the materials the implants were made from and that our bodies are rejecting.

We are an island of our own. It has become painfully obvious that to learn anything about our own prognosis we are going to have to gather the data and information ourselves. The medical industry is reluctanct to speak to us about anything related to the USA – FDA Recalled  Failed Medical Implants.

It has been almost 30 yrs for me. I still do not have a clear prognosis albeit I have been given several overlapping diagnosis.

There are many reasons for this post and the main reasons I created Full Circled Me. I know that we need to gather & communicate with those of us who are also surviving the Vitek Proplast Implant medical disaster. We are living a medical nightmare.

If we do not begin as a community we are going to lose even the raw data. I am not being dramatic.
This is a living disaster and I am willing to go out on a limb here and say to you that less than 10% of the population in the USA knows about this disaster. I am being very generous. The number of breast implant victims pales us in comparison. Patients own family members don’t know. Our hope and desires is to spread the word we are here. We would hope anyone who has any kind of involvement regarding these implants, TMJ, or even other failed medical implants find their way here.

Vitek survivors:
For a methodical breakdown of events & names regarding the(IPI )Implants please click here:

Please accept our sincere thanks for your time and attention
~ Toni Taylor -Helser   19 May 2013

7 thoughts on “Medical Implant (Vitek Proplast) Biograpghy

  1. I received my first Bilateral Vitek joints in 1986…by 1988, they had failed and were replaced with a new set of the same implants. I have had 3 subsequent bilateral jaw joint surgeries, and each time there is the usual bone necrosis, giant cell reaction, and now there is not enough bone left to affix screws to. I have no joint now on my left, and the right will be removed in August. My health problems are extensive and doctors obviously do not understand the effects of the prop last Teflon on the immune system. Is there anyone else out there living with no joints, and how are you doing? Somebody please respond. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Yes, here it is 2016 and I’m still wondering if all of my medical ailments that coincidently occur of my left side, (Left side of jaw operated on and Vitek proplast silastic implant put in) are related to this recall disaster. Never received any notice of recall. Just by chance, I stopped into old oral surgeons office in 1995 to say, “hello” and was handed the recall letter. Implant removed in October or 1995. Have suffered with ringing in my ear, vertigo, corneal erosion all on my left side, I have burning spasms that come whenever they feel like it. Jaw does not open properly, (opens and closes in a slight sideways fashion) and I constantly bite the inside of my mouth. Can’t open up my mouth fully which is a nightmare at the dentist office and when they try to intubate for my surgeries. I have other medical issues but not really sure if they are associated with these particles which are still floating around. It is a never ending bad dream and when I talk to people about this they had NO idea this occurred.

  3. Vitek discs in 1984 – Failed removed 186
    Vitek total joint replacement – Failed removed 1991
    Titanium replacement 1991
    Surgeries to remove bone growth from proplast 1997, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2011 and 2014
    After 26 years my joints are failing and will be removed Dec 13th and then new implants in February 2018.
    Does anyone function without any joints?

    • I am sorry you are dealing with this too. I have been through the whole nightmare…similar to your story. I have been without any joints for a year and a half and I am doing great. It took a little while to build up muscle strength, but I am totally pain free and can eat almost anything, except very tough meat. If you have more questions, feel free to email me.


      • Thank you for connecting here with me, and the others who’ve also found there way here. I believe we need to be able to communicate and support one another. I have a FB Vitek Survivor Facebook Group I invite you to join. Just yesterday a survivor in the group was asking about anyone who is without joints and any info that can be shared.
        The FB Group is 22 strong which is only a small faction of us but together we make a strong voice. This is a private group that needs permission to join. You’ll need to send a request.

        I hope to see you there.

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