Sandman Don’t Fail Me Now.

Mr. Sandman; please don’t fail me now.

Needing Some Caffiene.

Who Slept?

Wide awake, in the middle of the night, in the early morning. Again.

I have had an insomnia issue related to an illnesses I have. Having chronic pain being a huge part of my life does not bode well for sleep either. So I am never sure which it is, or is it a combo of the two causing me to not sleep?

Or is it the lack of a visit from the Sandman himself?

I get a tease now and then and sleep for several days, even weeks in a row, albeit only 2 -4 hours per night, but so much better than -0- hours. 

If I am lucky.

I am tired all the time, part of this is due to the illnesses I have. But not sleeping leaves me feeling irritable, frustrated, and even sad sometimes. Why on some nights is sleep not elusive at all?  Other nights, most often, sleep eludes me for most of the night, if not all the night.

I need to have a consistent sleep pattern. Why does the Sandman seem to skip me in  his rounds? There is no answer, may never be one.

Is it just enough that I recognize that this is who I am? 

Is it enough that I know?

I  spend my nights spinning my wheels wondering.

{ above image  by; Jensdigi Stamps 2011)

toni signature-2013


5 thoughts on “Sandman Don’t Fail Me Now.

    • You are such a sweetheart tersia I love you! Thank you for asking about my pain level. I know you understand this part of a chronic condition and how chronic pain changes a person.
      I am happy to tell you that I generally am in the best place pain wise I have been in 30 yrs. Pain meds are even at a minimum which opens up a whole gauntlet of things back into my life. I am blessed that I have found some outstanding coping skills to keep in my arsenal.

      Thank you tersia for being the kind of friend you are to me. I am simply in awe of you and having your energy in my life enriches it like no other,

  1. My lady, I am truly honoured to know you and how you are dealing with this.. I know a little about slep and lack of as you know, but nothing to the degree of you.. but can understand.. and am sure you will learn and progress

    • I thought you might be able to relate to this in some ways My Kind Sir. That honor you spoke about goes both ways. I am awe how you do the same and yet you have this great sense of daily drive.
      Sharing with others who do not sleep is where I learn the ways for progress. Thanks always for your shares. 🙂

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