On Chronically & Being A Gal Pal

My 2013 wish for all those women in my world of living with a chronic illness ( no offense guys )

This is pure fun for the simple sake of just being fun, Nothing else. Oh wait! Yes there id another reason, the main point; To find a way to thrive in spite of being chronically ill.

Living daily with an illness that is present with its symptoms on a chronic level can be so damaging to a persons emotional well-being in many ways. Male or Female.  Albeit this post certainly speaks to women alone.  I’d like to add that men need the same kind of outlets & expression that I am referring to here.  Just having fun and thriving anyway despite some of the complex treatment modalities or changes in life style needed to cope.  Important aspects needing nurtured in all of us

This song by country artist, Shania Twain who was new to me before this song was pointed out  fits the message wanting to be conveyed in a fun & silly way.  I thought it important to start 2013 on an upbeat note. Or several notes as the case may be.

This tune says that it is a “women’s prerogative to have a little fun feeling like a woman, Now I am talking all things girly here Girls.  Like going out for an evening with your favorite gal pals, doing pedicures together, shopping, whatever it is you & your gal pal’s love to do that remind you of your feminine side. And your friendship. All very conducive to thriving with a chronic illness of any kind. Conducive to living period but women living with a chronic illness that involves pain & fatigue tend to put this need at the bottom of their priority list.

Live for the moment of joy in life that you set out purposefully  to grab. It matters little what the activity is, it is the act of doing something for your own self that in turn lets you feel good about yourself and your actions.

So gal pal’s of mine Let your hair down, shake it all loose, and  kick  those shoes off…and party. Happy New Years!!

See link below for information on how to ask for music requests & challenges


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5 thoughts on “On Chronically & Being A Gal Pal

  1. I’ve always enjoyed this song and Shania Twain and I’m usually not a country girl, but she sure speaks to me. Thanks for this blog. Hoping you had a great new year!!!

    • I am not normally into this genre of music, the boot scootin boogie tempo though so speaks to me.
      And oooh oh ooohh the lyrics are what I truly adore. I could dance to this ~

      New Year is starting out really well, I found myself a place. I will write with updates

      I hope your new Year is a beauty Cee, you so deserve it to be ~ Have a Happy One!

  2. So…I love it!!!!!! Giving ourselves an excuse to feel look, look good, do good–IS GOOD!!!!!! It’s too easy to sit at home all the time. THRIVE people!!!! It’s what life is all about!!!! Love you, T!!!!

    • Happy New Years Echo~(you a T too = echo)
      •*¨*•.♪♫♪ •*¨*•Give me the action ,feel the attraction.,,•*¨*•.♪♫♪ .•*¨*•
      *¨*• ♪♫♪ .•*¨*• I want to Feel the way I do.. Hey~~~
      *¨*•.¸♪♫♪¸.•*¨*•• MAN.. i FEEL LIKE A (thrivin’ WOMAN!•*¨*•♪♫♪•*¨*

      Okay now that I have that out of my system 😉
      ‘I promise to give you permission T and gentle reminders to knock those shoes off, let your hair fall, and get some living good times out of this good loving life.
      You have so much to keep yourself thriving for throughout our new year. if you will reciprocate for me that be our pact for 2013 to help us to continue thriving.
      . We have made to our 3rd year being thriving friends & sisters. (I started blogging in Feb 2011) T, can you believe this? .
      I know I need not even ask really but, never to take advantage or take for granted any thing.
      I celebrate this friendship and sisterhood with you

      Shall we always dance?~

  3. Yes, I know we shall! Wow!!! I did not know you started about the same time. Crazy!

    I have to tell you I have made a bold move in deciding to cut many of my ties with fibro “support” groups. I need to spend more time writing. I have to finish a book by about the end of March to fulfill my vocational rehabilitation requirements. It is wholly unnerving and thrilling. I may very much be in need of this pact of which you speak.

    I feel inspired to recommend a book to you. I picked it up the day after Christmas and it is the best $14.95 I have spent since I bought Toni Bernhard’s “How to Be Sick” last year. The book is “The Right to Write” by Julia Cameron. It’s a powerful but simple, common sense approach to getting out of our “writer’s head” and just writing. It’s an easy essay style read with chapters just a few pages long so it is not anything a foggy brain would need much to follow. Thank you Julia!

    Ahh sweetheart as much as I would love to linger here and talk to you my house reeks of bleach (a geeze….that story’s in my other response to you…short version….toilet overflowed) and I need to finish cleaning.


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