Full Circle Tribute Song

Unbelievable!  The universe and all those in it keep right on surprising me still today.

I have had the title  FullCirceledMe and the concept for a book since I was 18 yrs old,  albeit the material changed a bit over the ensuing years. I have been writing for (2) two yrs almost solid on this story  and (1 ) one year on this blog with a version of the same  title. Finding a song called Full Circle feels like  finding a part of My FullCircledMe Life itself,  I could not let it pass by me without  a documented thought. This title, and now amazingly this song are joined by my heart,  finding ways to tell my Full Circle journey with honor and authenticity.

The reason for today’s post here at FullCircledMe is about a song  called “Full Circle”By the band The Outlaws. I have known the band to some degree but recently was turned back on to them and have been playing their tunes since. I have been thinking of posting this for some time. I am so grateful  for this tune in more ways than it being only a song, Having  found this song felt like my Birth Day. I have a story of myself and the 3  women I grew up with. There are 4 generations of close friends in our respective families. I have known these women for 5o plus years, since our births. Their parents were friends with mine, their daughters friends with my daughters, and now our grand children growing up together. 57 yrs of close friendships that have evolved as we have done so personally. We have become Full Circle in every way that 4 women who have always known one another only can. They have been and are a constant in my life despite having no daily contact since our daughters have lives of their own. We have gone and come Full Circle in our own personal journey’s as well as individually. And we are doing it again..and again.

Finding this song, was the last thought in my mind, and  has left me feeling that it is heaven-sent by a caring and loving universe. How blessed I am.

The song is representative of My Full Circle life. One that has been met with challenges I had not studied for in life and since had to take a running approach to most things that just were so not expected. Life will throw us curves, some not so wonderful. Some astonishing wonderful, I am blessed to have both so I know where the balance is. This is all I am in need of in my Full Circle Life. Balance of all things which speak to me in good ways, and speak to remind me of that which I should detour from. My life has very much felt like  the round about” that are the intersections of my life. Crossing some roads are easier than others but those bumpy unsure paths that are less traveled are the ones where I seem to find my answers. I find it interesting that all good things in life are just a little tougher to find, as if working for the truths is part of the journey. Maybe so.

My wish for anyone who is looking for their own answers, their own truths, that they find a way to come Full Circle in your journey. It’s not about the destination ever… it’s always about the journey..  and how sweet the journey  is.  I am reminded  to look up at the stars and thank the Universe for such fine gifts. …

My Humble thanks to To The guys in the band. ~ The Outlaws”  To add to your own Play list via YouTube for Full Circle




10 thoughts on “Full Circle Tribute Song

  1. How fantastic! I just listened to/watched the song – it’s such a perfect match and so ‘you’ CC. What a thrilling sort of coincidence. Love this post, and the way you think and write is so inspiring and ‘amaxing’! Juliexxx

    • Good song yes Jules? I am still smiling from the find. Thank you for taking the time to read and to listen., Means more to me than words can express. I might need a song!
      You are always my “AmaXIng” friend and Aussie sister Jules. Love to all three of you ^ ~ your CC

    • Yes, I have enjoyed their music and some tracks of theirs are more significant in my life than others,such as Full Circle will now be. They have a couple others that are filed into the that part of my heard as this one now will be.
      I could not believe my eyes when I saw the title, and then the lyrics and the music blew me away. Love so much when that happens. ~

  2. Going full circle my lady and many roads I have traveled, many places I have seen. Many streets I have walked and many places all the same. Many people I have seen, people without a name. My lady all that we wish is always just out of reach..;) beautiful, post, do your writing..

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