I have heard a lot about Detoxes lately. Believing the buzz words and theories I’ve heard led me astray. I am delighted and astounded by what I learned from Fibrobulletin’s post that I am adding here. This blogger will be reblogged for his educational posts quite often here with his permission.


Watch this on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eLIXylv9ms

Detoxing is the removal of toxic materials in the blood from the body, cleansing, and nourishing the body from inside out. We produce toxins naturally every day and we ingest them from the environment. Modern science suggests that toxins contribute to many diseases and promote dis-ease in general. It is also suspected that a high level of toxins promote fatigue in general.

Detoxing is really the process of bringing your system back to normal. Sometimes detoxing is called body cleansing. Detoxing is suggested to aid skin problems, digestive issues, pain, and fatigue, etc., even weight loss.

A detoxing program will likely promote significant weight loss initially for some. All detoxing is temporary and should not become a lifestyle unless it is simply eliminating unhealthy foods or toxins from the environment. Detoxing can also simply be an elimination diet where you stop eating a specific food…

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    • It was fascinating news to me about detoxes. I really thought I had to drink numerous glasses of green jiuce with who knows what in it. Learning that things I do already are helping me detox my body was reassurring. But I can relate to what you say about feeling lazy. Me too! If I walked more… ate better…. you know….

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