I would like to challenge each of you who read my blog to find a simple tablet or notebook. I am doing the same. Lets be mindful of what we have to be grateful for. Life is not all about chronic disease and chronic pain. There is so much more. Keep the tablet wher ever you can find it close by. When something pops into your head jot it down.
I’ll be checking in on you later.


Actions translate into habits, good and bad. Chronic illness requires self-management and part of that is controlling your actions that become your habits. When you emulate something, you become that something. If you do positive things and have positive thoughts, then you will be positive. Stop catastrophic thinking. Start a wellness journal documenting everything that is happening in your life, especially with your illness. But consider also starting a gratitude journal that includes only positive actions and thoughts in it. You may find that you gravitate toward gratitude and begin to change the way you view your life.

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    • I;m trying to do this although I was really slack this weekend. So my entry today is that I am sooo grateful for today and that I have gorgeous pens to write about how grateful I am to feel good compared to how I felt.to 4 & 5 days ago.

      Wish it had been my idea~

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