Lyme disease & TMJ Misdiagnosis:

I find it fascinating that there is so much connection between these diseases.

The one factor that I know was the trigger to all my immune issues are related to my TMJ disease and the implants I had, that then were recalled. by. the FDA.

I am reposting this letter because it is a perfect point to how a proper diagnosis can have an impact on our health.\And because it is summer months when we will be out doors much more, and in honor of my dear friend who is a dealing with Lyme’s which has tried to kill her,  She is learning how deal with its aftermath.

All readers here and your family should  be cautious of Ticks anytime of year but especially now. I heard that because we had such a strange and uncommon warm winter the populations of ticks and fleas will be great, Please be careful.


For information on helping to keep yourself safe see the CDC;s website below.


Lyme disease & TMJ Misdiagnosis:

May 17, 2012

We received the following patient comment from Gillian in response to the article in our April TMJ News Bites, “Avoid a TMD Misdiagnosis, Watch Out for Lyme Disease”.

I was SO happy to see that your latest newsletter included information about Lyme disease and jaw symptoms.

I have been on antibiotics for nearly 11 months since I was diagnosed with late disseminated Lyme disease.   If you remember, I had had a filling done, after which I developed severe jaw pain, a locked jaw and neck and shoulder pain.  Several months later, I developed swollen joints in my fingers, toes and severe foot pain.  This was accompanied by chronic migraine headaches, muscle pain and severe fatigue. I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease by my cardiologist, but by then I had already had it in my body for perhaps 10 years or more.

To cut a long story short, I am seeing amazing success with antibiotic treatment!  My jaw pain has been reduced by almost 70% and it keeps getting better.  I am able to eat most foods now and I can open my mouth again to three fingers!  My doctor has assured me that with continued treatment ALL of my pain in my body will go away!  However, this will be a long process to recovery, possibly up to three years of treatment, but recovery is possible.

What concerns me is the number of people who are living their lives with undiagnosed Lyme disease as I was who have no idea that their lives can be completely different.  Doctors are not educated about tick-borne disease, and I have had to become an expert, educating my doctors.  Doctors do not realize that Lyme disease can be transmitted into the body in just a few hours, not after 36 hours, and that this is a disease of active infection and periods of dormancy that can go on and off for years in the body before being diagnosed.  I was having up to 18 migraine headaches a month, and not a single doctor ever mentioned Lyme disease to me.  I saw 3 different neurologists for my migraines and not one of them mentioned to me that they could have been caused by an infectious disease.     After antibiotic therapy, my headaches have been reduced dramatically, to about 3 per month, and I know that with continued treatment they will go away.

My Lyme disease doctor sees many patients with jaw pain, and one of his patients had scheduled surgery before seeing him.  He was able to save her from unnecessary surgery and needless possible complications.  Many people get bitten by ticks and are not aware of it because they are so tiny, and they may not develop a rash or flu like symptoms.  Most doctors think that if you don’t have symptoms immediately after a tick bite, you don’t have the disease.  This is not true, and so Lyme disease continues to be under diagnosed and missed in so many people.  Plus, testing is incredibly inaccurate.

I feel so blessed to be one of the few people who finally found the real cause to my jaw pain.  My oral surgeon could not understand why my speech was affected and why my pain kept on spreading. He never brought up the possibility of Lyme disease.  After I was diagnosed, I wrote him a letter, but never heard back from him.  My dentist told me that I needed braces to cure my pain and that it was all due to a bad bite.  Fortunately, when I finally saw an orthodontist, he was educated about Lyme disease and told me that braces would not solve the problem.  He told me I needed to find a Lyme literate doctor.

Thank you for all the hard work that you are doing to bring awareness to this country.  If you think I could be helpful to your community based on my experience, please let me know.  If there is anyone who finds themselves in a similar experience to me, I would be happy to help them not only find the help they need, but the support and encouragement for their journey.


7 thoughts on “Lyme disease & TMJ Misdiagnosis:

    • Oh Cee, please do. And then Tag it really well. LOL.. Let us go for hate mail…rebel in me..
      Lots of big words those at the AMA are so fond of. Good God!

      I really would love to see more discussion on this issue here or at chronicillnesssurviver.

      Hope your test is going really well. One week two days, But. Your due date two days. I so love you girl~ BB

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  2. Good huh? I had to share.
    TheAMA has their heads where the FDA seems to keep theirs and there is no sun shining there.
    I am advicating for you and for Lymes on this page as well. I have some yopics I want to share privately. Will write later. Hugs today dear friend~

    • What you have said is so true and not enough people are aware so. Not even doctors are always aware of the extensive labs that should be taken to rule it out.
      I appreciate you bring this to this blogs attention. Thank you!

  3. Okay, I am truly freaked out now. No kidding! OMGOD!! I started having my first migraine withing 7 days of two extensive oral surgeries. One for 4 hours and the other 2,5 hours, I have been now exposed to toxic products because mmy cartledge dis-iintergrated and bone on bone in both jaws. Vitek Proplast Implants. This was two yrs. after my oral surgeries. To this day, two fingers, thatt’s it.for me. Chronic pain, Headaches, conncetive tissue disease, Giant Cell Response. all from oral surgery, jaw surgery. Wow~

    I’ve had being tested before suggested which I admit I am blew off.

    I am seeing my doctor ASAP and insisting on tests. (Cee, will you email me with details please at your Conven. I know you’re working on youtr test)

    Thanks again, I hope we can keep a discussioon up. I am curious how many other Vitek victims would like this info.

    Be well ~ BB

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