Procedure One

Here I am awake and having the last cup of coffee I’ll be allowed before “Nothing By Mouth” prior to the first injection of the two that I am praying will allow me to move forward with a Cervical Ablation. And from there pain-less days. Cauterizing the nerves affected that are causing me the daily pain in my head, neck, shoulder and back would improve my daily life significantly. This is what I have been praying for.

I have been gearing up for this for two years. All that time was spent in detective work apparently. It is with great trust and faith I am going into this, trusting both procedure and the practitioner of this kind of medicine completely. I have little qualms going into this today. Just lots of hope.

Today is the first injection in a set of two, which are both diagnostic and therapeutic in procedure. The physician as well as my insurance company require these two injections before moving forward with the actual ablation. The injections help in telling the doctor if the correct nerves are being involved in the procedure. ie: is the doctor in the right spot. And if the injections which contain medications give me any relief, albeit temporarily, than the ablation is a viable procedure for me. All this will be done in a surgical setting, under sedation, and with my physician having the amazing aid of a fluoroscope.

I’m feeling apprehensive only in that the correct nerves involved will be easily found today. I understand that the cervical nerves are small and minute compared to the lumbar nerves, and that the need for complete accuracy is of course completely necessary. But why would it be any different for any other procedure? So the warnings are taken with great heed but beyond that I have turned any kind of worry over to God and the Universe to handle.

This morning in my mail I find this message from The Universe:

“Actually, Barefoot Baroness, if you understood the extraordinary gifts every single challenge in your life makes possible, even inevitable, you’d celebrate your challenges, new and old alike, as the omens that they are of new beginnings, spectacular change, and enhanced superpowers.
Perfect for where you are, huh?  ”

~The Universe

Hmmm…. I think this is the perfect message to receive this morning. How truly blessed am I that I have this new challenge ahead of me?

Even though this posting has a lot of “I & Me’s” in it this was not the intent – all though certainly the out come when one is writing about a medical procedure one is having.

To make the finale of this post about something else – something that is not so centered around this procedure and myself – this is really where I would rather go today. To make writing about something else entirely would be more fun. This is work right now.

That being said I still will base what I am going to say next around me. It cannot be helped in this message.  I want to thank my family, dear friends and you readers;  and those who maybe are    here looking for any answers or support. I want to carefully and with great sincereity thank yoiu for all your continued support and encouragement. It’s because of people in my life like you that I even find moving forward worth while. It is because of  the wanting to spend time with you, no matter how we spend it, that makes my life here on earth. Period.

I am most grateful for what life and those who I have around me brings to this table. Sometimes when looking only at the I and the Me the other meaningful significant’s get lost. They are always clearer to see and touch when you have set aside the I and the me. Sometimes I forget this.  Letting the gifts of new and old challenges stay set in front of self is where my eyes shall stay focused. Looking back for lessons learned; and taking those lessons to move forward is the course the ship will need to stay aligned.

And you my family and friends never let me lose course.

My ship is often off course as we all know, but thankfully & most gratefully not for long. Because  of you my dear family and friends, who always seem to help bring your own ship right along mine to help guide me back on course. How lost would thy ship be without all of you?

Just so you know…. I’d rather like not like find out.


tjhelser 2012

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