Patient’s “Bill of Rights”

Because in future posts on this blog these rights are going to come into play I thought it only prudent to post exactly what I will be referring to. These are important rights as you’ll see upon reading and informing yourself. If you find they do not apply to you personally than I beg you to interject a family member or close friend’s name as the patient’s name. Even if they do not appear to have any such need for these rights I urge you to pay attention because one day we’ll all by the “Grace of God there goth thy”.

{Note of Disclaimer: Not all states abide by these rights, as they are not mandated yet in every state. Not because they should not be but because there has to date in most states been enough combined voices to be heard.  It’s my hope and mission to see that this happens.}

Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights

You have the right to:

-Have your pain prevented or controlled adequately.

-Have your pain and medication history taken.

-Have your pain questions answered freely.

-Develop a pain plan with your physician -Know what medication, treatment or anesthesia will be given.

-Know the risks, benefits and side effects of treatment.

-Know what alternative pain treatments may be available.

-Sign a statement of informed consent before any treatment.

-Be believed when you say you have pain.

-Have your pain assessed on an individual basis.

-Have your pain assessed using the O=no pain, 10=worst pain scale.

-Ask for changes in treatments if your pain persists.

-Receive compassionate and sympathetic care.

-Receive pain medication on a timely basis.

-Refuse treatment without prejudice from your physician.

-Seek a second opinion or request a pain specialist.

-Be given your medical records on request.

-Include your family in decision-making.

Would it not be some world where all these rights were a given?

Thanks so much for coming by, whether your intentions were or you just happened by.

I’m grateful.

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9 thoughts on “Patient’s “Bill of Rights”

    • I agree. How in the face of this printed out in front of them could a doc deny these rights? Even in states where it is not yet mandated.

      Thanks so much Kate for following this blog. Your support means the world to me. And to the half million in our country alone like me.

      I beliveve those in chronic pain are in a league of their own when it comes to receiving adequate diagnosis and treatements in a timely manner. Not sure of another illness that is met with such head strong opinions before the provider even knows who you are.

    • Touche Cee. Is that not the truth. I wonder if just one patient even has ever felt that they were abided by for them. Somehow I’d like to turn that into a post with maybe a poll attached.

      I sometimes feel like we have made leaps in treating C/pain and fatigue then other times it’s baby huey steps back.

    • Its akmost as hard emotionally on our doc;s. They are trained and skilled to provide answers and when they cannot not I know it leaves them feeling almost as defeated.
      I’m sorry things are so tough in AL. Do you know about The American Pain Foundatuon? Its an awesome place for support in many ways, a great source of resources, and an outstanding advocacy grouo The link is Check out what is happening in your state, there very well could be a lobby group who is lobbying for a bill on AL books. If the link is not right let me know.

      Take care and thank you so very much for responding to this.

    • This just bums me to no end to hear this. I’m so sorry. You know I have been involved in this life of chronic pain for almost 30 years and instead of moving forward the providers seem to be moving giant steps back wards. I don’t get it.

      What other illness or condition comes with so much trepidation? What other treatment modality causes such a stir than pain management? I could get on my soapbox again and spend days repeating all I’ve said for the last 28 yrs. Something is very wrong in Denmark. And in Alabama and Oregon.

      Please stay in touch with me okay?

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